02 Durango Intermidiate Steering Shaft

Hi all

Truck is 2002 2WD 4.7L Durango and around 164K

I am looking to replace the intermediate steering shaft as it making noise it seems they are common to this problem due to a weak U joint. The problem I have is I can track the correct part. Here is what I have research so far:

Have found this one 55351246AA but it says it will not fit.

Also found the Dorman 425-257 but it says is for 4WD but it reference to this OE part numbers: 55351208AA, 55351208AB, 55351246AA

Have try the Dodge parts website but that is even more confusing.

Any help will be welcome.

I have already replace the ball joints, wheel bearings and inner and outer tie rods and this is the last part that needs to be replaced if I can track the correct one. I spoke to Dodge but they want $200 for the part.

Have You Tried Any Lube ?
A Chrysler TSB (Technical Sevice Bulletin) Written For Chrysler Technicians Covers 2002 Durangos (Only) .

The bulletin addresses a clicking sound in the steering column/intermediate shaft.

The 2 page bulletin outlines (with a diagram) lubing the intermediate shaft flex joint (coupler joint) with white lithium grease (Chrysler brand) and working it into the component.

This part doesn’t appear to be either of the 2 universal joints on the shaft.

It can’t be too difficult as it only paid technicians .2 hours labor under warranty.

I’d search online for and/or obtain a copy of tsb 19-011-01 and give it a shot. Know any friendly Dodge dealer folks who’d make you a copy ?


Hey CSA thanks for the info I will try to find the TSB. But I think in my case using the grease wont saved the part, I will feel better replacing the part.


Areinaldo, You’re Welcome.