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going in on monday to the chevy dealership.for the intermediate steering shaft.the iss and rack was replaced once and the iss was lubed.once under warranty and the lube cost$80 dollars.want the dealership to meet me aleast 1/2 way on this issue.should i go straight to the manager? what is the best way to go about getting this iss issue resolved without paying the whole bill.i have giving them alot of bussiness.and would like to ask for the person that can make this decision themself. 2002 montecarlo ss 3.8 v6 46.000 miles. dominic

ps i paid for the iss to be lubed 2 to3 years ago and they replaced the rack@ iss under warranty 5 years ago

I would suggest you start by telling us more about the history and the current problem. Maybe someone will know something about the specific problem that (I guess from reading your message) is still a problem.

Keep in mind that your car is no longer under warranty so they are likely not under any obligation to do anything for you.

From what I know and guessing about the rest, I would not bother going to the dealer. I would find a local independent mechanic and have them really fix the problem.

Always best to follow the chain of command.

Have you used the same Service Advisor in reguards to “a lot of business” that you have used the Dealership for?

Post back how you would word your story, why you think they owe you anything for free.

You can’t just say “I let you do my warranty work so now you owe me”

this year of car has been know to have problems with the intermediate steering shaft.they replaced the iss and rack opion while it was under warranty.5 yrs ago 2 years ago i paid 80 dollars for them just to lube the iss.thay tell me it is not a saftey hazard so i would have to pay for it myself.this is a on going recall .called gm they want me to contact them after the work is done gm also wanted me to take the car were i bought it.this way i might have a better chance to have the dealership pay for this since it is a ongoing problem.he also metion that the dealership can do something called a soft recall.

have been using the same service advisor and the same mechanic and i trust the mechanic and his work i called last week and for some reason the service advisor i had was fired.the way i was looking at this was the problem was never fixed .they thru some grease on the iss.i dont have a problem paying for them to lube the iss again.i did not think i would have to go back to have this done every 2 to 3 years just under a extended warranty i had paid for itself a fewes over.over 7000 in work done under extended warranty. not counting what was done on the 3 year warranty.alot of work was done at the dealership

What’s GM thinking in getting the Dealership to pay for a “known problem”? GM designed the car.

Dealership’s don’t instigate recalls “soft” or otherwise

Is GM trying to say the work the Dealership did was substandard?

oldschool i have not looked at it that way.i was just thinking it would not hurt to talk to someone in athurity to see if they woul be able to help me on part of this issue.if not i going to get it done anyway.the cluckin and clicking sounds is terriable.i think that makes me more p/o than anything else.thankyou guys for the advice.just let him lube and be done with it

I like OLDSCHOOLS way of thinking.

just had to throw that out there.


I can’t say anything about warranties on this problem, but the cure for the ‘clunking’ in the intermediate steering shaft is a replacement of one a little bit longer (Around $150-$200 I think).

This problem is more common in the GM pickups and SUV’s (my '02 Tahoe has the same problem, it just doesn’t bother me).

You were told the truth about this NOT being a safety hazard.

They can grease the bottom end of the shaft until the world runs out of oil, but they will NEVER cure this problem by greasing.

My suggestion is to take it to a reputable independent shop/tech and have them price a shaft (aftermarket) and change the old one out.

called my local mechanic.he will put on i new iss for 140 in parts 60 to 70 in labor.he told me that he would replace the iss and would not grease the shaft. he would not lube the iss.he said if it is making the knocking@ clicking noise grease alone will not fix the i took your advice and he will do the work on i mention previously it is not about the money.i was more annoied with the noise than anything else.i put some white lithium grease and sprayed the knuckles on the iss .in side the boot under the steering wheel and that did take some of that noise‘great advice thanks for all your help’ dominic