Volvo 2006 S60 weather stripping -- paint peeling off

The weather stripping along my roof line is peeling off on both sides. Started when the car was around five years old. It is parked in the sun much of the time.

The Volvo dealership told me this is a known defect and sent me to their body shop and the manager claimed never to have seen it before. Does anyone know what the truth is?

Thanks !

What possition did the person that claimed it was a known issue have at the dealership.


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Ted’s Volve replied;

To Yosemite – re my Volvo paint problem. The person at the dealership who told me the problem is common was a Sales guy.

I’ve seen a lot of pealing paint on cars for the last 15+ years. Though I’ve never noticed if Volvo is having the same problem. You could search on this site and maybe find the subject has been covered.

If the weatherstripping is not torn, you can get adhiesive for it at an auto parts store.

Now you know that sales guys will tell you anything even if there is no sale involved.When dealing with a car saleman always keep your wallet tight in your pocket.
They would **** a snake if you’d hold it still for them.