Cleaning dash, door panels, displays etc. Your preference?

Went to get car detailed today. I made an appointment, 45 minutes to an hour they said. Got a little lunch and a haircut, returned 45 minutes later and car was not touched, backed up they said.

I have some old Armor all but do not like the high gloss, and it never seemed to last very long.

I suppose I should treat the leather seats with something also.

Playing car transport for 50th reunion this weekend, what do you use for dash, door panels, seats etc.

I searched using the search but did not come up with much, plus maybe newer or better old solutions out there.

I use soapy warm water and a sponge. Best to avoid using anything containing bleach or ammonia. Special purpose products for cleaning leather seem to get good reviews, if you have leather seats.

Not sure about cleaning them. But once they are clean, what about a dash mat or seat covers to keep them clean?

I’m with George and on leather I’ve had good luck with the Kiwi leather conditioner lotion.

And good luck at your 50th reunion, just went to mine and was surprised at all the Old People there. :wink:


Maybe not all the sharpest tools in the box, many of us friends on face book, "I can’t believe how many of our classmates are turning 68 :slight_smile: "

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My HS reunion this past summer too. Couldn’t go, but spent a little time looking at classmates’ web pages. Funny thing, none look anything like they did in HS. Meanwhile I haven’t changed at all … lol


I use diluted Simple Green sprayed on a terrycloth towel then wipe. Leather cleaner then conditioned. I like Meguires. Foam spray glass cleaner on the display plastics.

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After our 50th, we just do informal gatherings at a restaurant. I didn’t go last year for something that I can’t remember plus the virus issue. I didn’t go this year either for being a little under the weather and grumpy. They have Facebook though but I’m not on so maybe I should join to keep up on the obits.

As far as cleaner, I dunno, I’m just getting less fussy. I’ve used the 303 stuff but it says surface needs t be clean. Last time I just used the super duty glass cleaner spray way. On the dash though I use other stuff since it takes a. Beating. 409 is a pretty good cleaner too. I use it as a universal go to.

For leather I use Leatheriq’s (not a typo) 2-step system. Works really well.

For wiping the dash/electronics/etc I use 303 Aerospace Protectant. Doesn’t have the high gloss of Armor All and also doesn’t have the damaging characteristics AA has.

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That’s not enough time for a proper detailing. Unless they’ve got like 4-5 guys working on the car exclusively. They outfit I use ( When I’m not doing it myself) takes around 2-4 hours (depending on the level of service with two people working on the car.)

For the interior I typically use Lexol on the leather, for the plastic surfaces I just wipe them down with a diluted APC, I usually don’t use armor all or other “protectants” but if they are looking a little rough I’ll use some 303 aerospace protectant, as it gives a fairly subdued matte-ish finish. For glass I use the old standby invisible glass from an aersol can with my handy microfiber-on-a-stick for better reach/access.

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I don’t use an interior protectant, but if I did, I’d use 303 (which I do use on my tires) over Armor All. In addition to the points mentioned already, I believe it outgasses less onto your windshield.