Interior Detail Spray - Your Suggestions?


What type of interior cleaner do you use for dash, floorboard, and door areas of your car? I have been using a no shine spray to clean and detail (meaning no glossy look or wet look), but no matter how hard I try, the spray leaves spotty results on my black dash and door areas. I’ve reapplied and buffed with a soft rag- still splotches of darker areas and lighter areas. Is there a product you might recommend that will detail evenly? Thanks for your help.

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I use Meguiar’s quick interior detailer. It leaves no spots.

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I am using Meguiar’s Natural Shine Protectant. I’ll try the one you have recommended. Thank you

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Read the instruction on the bottle because some of them need to be diluted.Usually 1 to 10

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I use a clean rag well-wetted in water with some Ivory dishwashing liquid. I then rinse with another clean rag well-wetted with plain water.

I personally do not like that shiny look and greasy feel left by some popular “protectants”.


Also, some say not to use in direct sunlight.


I know the spots you mean and I quit on anything other than a mild cleaner long ago. I have had good luck with Griot’s interior cleaner. I found it worked well on all the surfaces. Here is more info and some images from our partner site BestRide if interested. Just FYI, I have never received anything of value, not even a free sample, from Griot.

Thank you. I’ll check out the products.

I like using 303 protectant since it has UV protection and is not greasy.

Go to the you tube channel for Dallas paint correction. You will gwt lots of information on car detailing products.

Thank you. I appreciate your help.

I switched to Armor All original. No shine.

This product removed the spotting and went on evenly.

I’ll keep using it and see if the results continue.