Interior backlighting issues

The backlighting behind the buttons along my trim, half of the steering wheel buttons, and half of my stereo buttons are out. Fuses are all intact. Car is a 2003 Buick LeSabre and I didn’t know if it could have been a power surge that caused them all to blow or if it’s a bad ground. I’d hate to replace them all only to have them blow again! I’ll attach some pictures below.

The BCM is what controls all lighting of the vehicle.


Highly doubt that. Everything functions perfectly on the car besides drivers side seat warmer. Appreciate your input though.

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I don’t think it will be practical to replace the radio and all of those switches because of the burned out LED lights. If you have too much time on your hands you may try dissecting the parts to replace the LED units.

Trust me, at night it is because those are the buttons I use. The ones that light up are the ones I could care less about. I’ll probably just end up buying a new stereo but should I worry about replacing them all only to have them blow again? Are they connected in a series where if one bulb goes out a whole section/all of them goes out?

I would guess that certain individual bulbs are out. The manual says these are incandescent bulbs.
All of the steering wheel switch bulbs are powered from the same circuit, so if some are lit, then it’s not a power supply issue up to the wheel. Same with the radio. All of the radio backlights are powered by one input into the radio, so if some are working, that again would suggest no power problem to the radio.
There could be connection problems at the switch(es), and there could be internal connection problems in the radio. Or it could just be bad bulbs.

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BIG HELP. Thanks for taking your time! Would give you 1,000 upvotes if I could.

I had the same problem with a 2004 LeSabre Limited like yours. It’s likely that higher than normal voltage caused the outage. Check the voltage on your DIC . If it’s in the 16 volt range that could be the culprit. We took the car to the dealerto fix it but they said that voltage is “Normal”. First time they tried to repair the lights in the steering wheel controls they broke the wiring and the car ended up staying in the shop for a week. Also burned out the lights in the radio . The lighrs in the radio are also controlled by the operation mode so some will not light under certain settings. (Radio,CD, Tape,etc) All was done under warranty. It kept going on long after the warranty expired. WE lived with it until the car was demolished on a traffic crash.
We now own a 2002 LeSabre Limited. Same thing. We ignore. Too much trouble to fix.
Do what you wish, it’s your car.

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