2013 RAM 1500 - Backlight broken

why doesn’t the backlighting work on my headlight switch?

Because something is probably broken. And can probably be fixed for between $36 and $75. But you could have google’d that yourself, right?

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Probably the same reason the LCD radio display backlighting doesn’t work on my Corolla. Bulb burned out, etc. Some dash-area backlighting bulbs aren’t designed to be replaceable, the entire unit has to be replaced, so can be expensive. In the case of my radio, I just live with it, thinking eventually I’ll have to remove the radio for some other reason, then I might be able to disassemble it on the work-bench to fix the bulb. This strategy of waiting has been going on for 20 years so far … lol …

Did it ever work? Not all headlight switches are backlit, especially in lower trim levels.

Are you sure it’s a “bulb”?
Back then, two technologies were prevalent; CCFL and ELP.
LED backlighting was far less common than it is today.
ELP was very common due to the inherent diffusion of light afforded by the panel. These require a small converter to develop the high voltage needed for the panel and this is what typically fails.
Replacing CCFL tubes is going to be difficult to source…I suspect the likely outcome is continued procrastination until the car meets its ultimate fate (BTDTBTTS) :wink:

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Am I sure? I’m not even sure what day it is! … lol …

Ha! I forgot to mention CCFL is even more unlikely due to the inherent issue with difficulty igniting the tube when cold. Think fluorescent lights in a cold garage (maybe not so familiar an issue in your area!). Special ballasts required for cold temp operation and even then, they have their limits. Not good for a car that could see -20F or lower…