2002 Buick Lesabre Rear Lights, and Dsshboard Light Problem

I have a 2002 Buick Lesabre. The other night I noticed that no lights at all were working on the trunk lid. No tag lights, no running lights, and no reverse lights. They all were blown. Not sure if they all blew at once, or if they blew separately. Well not having any spare bulbs at that time. I started checking fuses under the back seat. By accident, I pulled the fuse for the dashboard lights. And the running and tag lights came on. But of course the dashboard lights still won’t come on. I tried to replace reverse bulbs. By replacing the old ones with new ones. But they still dont work. Has anybody else seen, or heard of this problem before?

The BCM may be failing.


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My Corolla’s license plate bulb is on the truck lid, and a few years ago it stopped working. Testing showed the problem wasn’t the bulb; instead the wiring harness between the body and the trunk lid had a broken wire. Presumably from years of flexing each time the trunk was opened and closed. Hard to explain how this would apply to your results, but worth keeping in mind that you may have a broken wire in the harness going to the trunk lid as you do further testing.