Insurance estimate after vehicle accident

I was curious if anyone knew if the “mileage in” recorded on the estimate for vehicle repair after a accident needed to be accurate on paper?

I’m asking because recently I was involved in a accident, where I was not at fault. It has been hectic dealing with insurance as it is. On my initial estimate document from the collision shop it has my accurate mileage listed for my car and then on another estimate document that has came through it has a significantly lesser mileage listed. The difference being roughly around 33,000 less.

Does this make a difference as far as what is being reported since insurance has to determine if they would total a vehicle or not based on the ACV, or should I not worry about it ?

Since it has been 6 days since your first post and more than two weeks since the accident, maybe it is time to consult legal help.

Mileage is definitely a determining factor in the calculation of an estimate.


Why do you think any replies or advice from a forum by anonymous people is going to do you any good ? You need to talk to your insurance carrier because all insurance laws are different by state and insurance companies.


@VOLVO_V70 you never know who may have dealt with something similar, therefore it never hurts to ask a question . :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

As long as the insurance company knows the current mileage, a mistake on the body shop estimate shouldn’t be a big concern. The cost to repair the car is the same no matter the mileage. I would just be sure if they perform the repairs that they use the accurate mileage on your final invoice.

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I would collect atleast 3 statements, in many places if the issue goes to court you will need that many for a judge to see an average. This does not hurt when dealing with the insurance company as well as their estimates tend to be way lower.

BTW, have you pulled a copy of the accident report from the responding law enforcement agency?

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@Purebred yes I do have a copy of the accident report.

Statements about what ? The vehicle is in for repair by the other persons insurance . The mileage is probably a typo but why he does not ask whoever sent it is beyond me.

3 repair statements, and while I did not see anything about the car currently being in a shop. This was advice that if you are getting these statements that you should atleast get 3.

The OP is not paying for this repair and he has another thread about this same accident .

Do you mean 3 estimates? Our car repair after wife got rear ended sitting at a stop light was taken to a shop on the insurance companies suggested repair shop. No hassle from the other insurance company about repair cost. A lot of other stuff was an issue, like getting the other insurance company to even respond, had to wait 2 months for parts and pay the deductible I was reimbursed for later, but no issue about repair price.

I did not say he was, as I said it is advice in case you ever end up needing to get an estimate. Not everyone has insurance and even then there are cases when it is needed. Sorry my terminology is not the same. As for him having another thread I’m still fairly new and catching up.

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