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I received all the answers and responses I was looking for! Thank you sincerely to everybody who responded and offered advice. I appreciate it very much.

Its hard to argue against the shop quote. Have you asked for other quotes?

What does it really matter? Your insurance company will foot the full bill unless you are attempting to pay out of pocket to prevent a insurance claim.

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Do you not have liability insurance ? If you do just let them handle it. As for estimate a lot depends on who is doing the repair and your location .

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It doesn’t look out of line to me, if I was the one footing the bill…

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That is really a bad idea . If there are problems with the repair latter you will just have more friction with the person you hit. Let the insurance take care of it and they will deal with the people and you are done.

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Seems fine to me, but like the others said, you should use insurance.

I will never understand why people pay all that money to get an insurance policy and then do everything they can to avoid using what they paid for.

I over-insure myself. I’m at a little under 3 times the legal minimum for liability insurance. While I do my best not to hit things, if I do hit something, you’d better believe I’ll be using the insurance I pay for.

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For conventional body work, yeah hard to argue that. It’s expensive now. High labor cost as well as material cost. I had a lady back into me and cost $3000 for bumper cover and head light and misc. However, that looks like a good candidate for the paintless dent remover folks. So inquire about that. A good one does a very nice job that is undetectable and now ruining the factory finish. I’ve used them twice with good results. I had hail damage with about 20 dings and they did a perfect job for about $1000. I also had basket ball size fender dent taken out for about $100. I was amazed at the work on highly polished black and nary a ripple.

You probably don’t have much choice but suggest it to them anyway.

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thank you for your response!

You might check with a paintless dent repair for their thoughts on what they think about being able to repair the damage.

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If someone hits my vehicle it goes to am actual Collision Center ( they used to be called body shops ) . I also want their insurance contact so I don’t have to deal with them about paint or any other problems after the repair.


Well sure but most shops either have access to or have on staff, someone that can do paintless. The advantage is that you keep the factory paint with no body filler. For conventional work, they’ll grind the paint off, hammer the dent out, put on a coat of filler, sand, prime, paint and blend. Done properly? Will the filler stick or shrink? Will the paint be a perfect match? Will the paint quality equal the original? How long will the job take, 3-4 days compared to an afternoon? If you can do PDR, its the far better and cheaper alternative if the paint isn’t cracked or damaged.

Lucky you, I have never been to a body shop and offered paintless dent repair.

thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond. this is my first time hearing about such a procedure and so i looked into it and found much cheaper prices than an auto body shop, hope all goes through but either way, thank you again! super helpful :slight_smile:

thank you for your response, i used this suggestion and came out with a lot cheaper prices!

Did you get an estimate for paintless dent repair? The damage in the pictures appears to be beyond what can be straightened with paintless dent repair.

I did, total came out to be $655.

Doesn’t matter what prices you found, it’s not your car, the other guy is free to use any shop of his choice.

Did they actually see the vehicle because by the pictures it needs painting where the gouge is.

I am aware, I have contacted the person and we are currently working it out.