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Insufficient egr flow 00 Honda Accord

I have a 00 Honda Accord V6, I have a code insufficient egr flow. It run ok when I first start it but some times on a cold start it excelerates and if I drive it a distance turn it off then try to start back up it missing and I have to keep my feet on the petal to keep it running. I changed the spark plug (they was bad) checked the coils checked the fuel injection changed the egr valve cleaned the egr port cleaned the intake port looked for vacuum leaks I don’t know what else to do and suggestions?

I think this applies to you

This warranty extension has LONG expired, so you’ll have to pay out of pocket, but at least you know what needs to be done

Since you still have the problem, I"m assuming you didn’t snake it out and install the pipe kit, as per the instructions . . . ?

I think I might have found the problem there’s a temperature sensor on the side of the intake manifold it’s positioned directly in line with the flow port chamber that I never cleaned out. I saw this guy do it online Because the last time I blew air through the exhaust body and looked at the intake manifold and it was clear. I think this is the problem. Because I was just about to do a exhaust valve adjustment.

hmm … you may have two problems there OP. The purpose of the EGR is to cool down the cylinder combustion temperatures during rapid acceleration, long up-hills, anytime maximum engine power is needed. This is done not to increase performance, in fact it reduces engine performance, but it is done to reduce air pollution and a side effect the reduced temperatures extends engine life.

EGR passages are a very common thing to plug up in engines b/c of all the carbon deposits that form in that area. I have to clean them out on my truck engine every 2-3 years. Usually when the EGR flow is blocked there’s no performance symptom. In fact you might notice a slight improvement in performance. Worse case on the short-term downside, you get some pinging.

Sometimes – this happened to my truck last summer n fact — when the EGR passages get clogged up, the heat builds up on the EGR gasket, and eventually burns a hole clean through, making a passage between two tubes that shouldn’t have a passage. This can create ill effects on engine performance.

Usually tho if the EGR is causing engine performance problems, it isn’t b/c it is clogged up, it is b/c it is sticking open when it shouldn’t. It is only supposed to open on rapid acceleration and other high engine power times. It shouldn’t be open at idle or when just moseying down the road at 30 mph to get to 7-11 for a big gulp.