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i have my check engine light come on and went to advanced auto and used their OBDII computer and what i got was: EGR airflow insufficeint so i bought a new ERG valve and replaced it and after cleared the error code. two days after got the engine light on, went back, used their OBDII computer and got the same error: EGR airflow insufficient.

I would like to know if the EGR valve that I purchase is defective or there is something else that can cause this error and turn the service engine light to be on. I replaced my thermostat about 2 months ago.

Thank you

Most people start their posts with, I have a Year, Make, and Model.


You have made the classic mistake that many make. The code did not and does not say that the EGR valve is bad. What it does say is that the detected EGR flow is too little. This could be because EGR passages are clogged and need to be cleaned, it could be that the airflow detector has gone bad (a common problem for some makes), or it could be a bad EGR valve. You can either correctly troubleshoot the problem, or you can continue to throw parts at it.

Yes, some MAKES, MODELS and YEARS, have more problems than others with EGR passages clogging up.

sorry thought i did mention it but did not. i have a 2000 pontiac grand AM V6.

You need to clean or replace the passages/tubing that feed the EGR valve.