98 Honda Accord Insufficient Flow Detected

I have a 98 Honda Accord, automatic, with a 3.0 VTEC engine with 189,350 miles. It was diagnosed with cod P0401: EGR insufficient flow detected.
I was told and apparently in the instructions it states the following to repair/fix the problem: Unplug the EGR Port in the Intake, remove upper portion of Intake Manifold, drill EGR port, install Sleeve and replace EGR Valve. Instructions also indicated I need a EGR Pipe kit: 06175 P8L-A00 which contains a special tool to drill manifold and install Sleeve: Kit 07ZAO-P8AA000.

Has anyone done this type of work on a 1998 Honda Accord, automatic with a 3.0 VTEC engine. I would appreciate your feed back. Is this a easy job? I’m also confused about needing the special tool (I believe it’s a drill bit) and drilling the port. Are either one of these two Kits I mentioned really needed? What do you recommend I use to clean the port? I thought I could just clean the port (hole) and replace the manifold gasket.



I’m not sure if whoever diagnosed the P0401 gave you a set of the instructions

Here you go, in case you don’t have it, you can read it


Maybe you could get by just cleaning the deposits out of the EGR passages.

Your car has been good for 189k miles and any car with that many miles on it could come up with this code. The procedure in the TSB is for cars that get this code chronically and prematurely. I agree with circuitsmith on this one.

Remove the EGR valve, clean it and use a carburetor spray to clean out both of the passageways. A pipe cleaner can help the carb cleaner do the job a little better. No other disassembly should be needed.

Thank you everyone who replied with advice on how to fix the EGR insufficient flow. I removed the top part of the Intake Manifold and EGR, cleaned the ports and replaced the gaskets to fix the problem.



By the way, what did you use to clean the ports?

Glad your all fixed up and thanks for coming back and letting us know the fix.

I used carburetor cleaner, a wire brush and the end of a wire clothes hanger to clean the ports.


Thanks for that information

Congratulations on a job well done.