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Instrument cluster keeps rebooting

Hi all,I’m a newbie here.A few weeks ago I installed a Sony car stereo in my tractor at work.Everything has been working just fine since then except the other day my instrument cluster started rebooting a lot while I was driving.Like I said,everything was just fine for 2 weeks and then this started happening.

Does it sound like it could be related to the stereo installation or could it be a separate issue altogether?Thanks ahead for any input.

How did you install the stereo? Did you have to do any splicing or was it just plugging into a harness? My first suspect would be the stereo, maybe a wire came loose and is making intermittent connection.

There were wires right behind the faceplate for the stereo that I used.They were not connected to anything ,just dangling free which led me to believe they were the factory wires for the stereo.Also,the speaker wires were already ran there as well.I am pretty positive that these were the original factory wires for a stereo…

I would think if it was the stereo causing it then it would have happened right away.But,like I said,Everything was fine for 2 weeks with no problems.

Unhook the stereo and if that solves the problem then it was installed wrong or something was loose. If that does not make a difference then you will at least eliminated one thing.

I was thinking the same thing.Going to try it tomorrow.

Do you think I’d have to unhook everything(speakers too) to test it or just the switched power,constant power and ground?

If the stereo is related to the issue then just disconnecting the main power to it should be all that is needed. The stereo should be acting up also if it is related to the case. I think the trouble you are having is more related to just a loose power connection to the cluster. Make sure the connections to it are making solid connection. If they are good then check the voltage supply and ground to the cluster.

I’d bet money that it is. All sorts of electrical ghosts after DIY installation of aftermarket sound systems are extremely common.
Disconnect the new stereo and reconfigure the harness back to its original configuration.

If there’s an “adapter cable” available to connect the new stereo to and enable it to plug directly into your OEM harness, go for it. Otherwise you may have to either live without the music or consider professional installation.

What kind of tractor? Is this a farming type of tractor, or are you talking a big rig truck?

Certain era International Truck dash clusters absolutely suck. if you have one of them, you may just need a new cluster. and don’t buy one from the dealer.

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Thanks for all the responses guys.So far today it only reset once in the morning and has not done anything since.

Cougar,the stereo has no problems at all and works just fine.Eddo,it is a 2000 International tractor.I remember another truck I drove(International) that kept resetting as well.That was an International box truck though,not a rig.

If it acts up again,I’m going to try changing my constant power source.Right now the way it is wired is switched power and ground are from the original factory harness and the constant power is coming from a fused line directly to the main terminal on top of the fuse box.The guy who drove the truck before me had a CB connected and when he took it out just left the wire dangling in the glove box.I used it because it was a short and direct source with a fuse on it already.Seemed like a good and safe source.But in the dash along with the switched and ground wires is a yellow wire not being used.I’d bet that is the factory constant power which I would try to use if it starts acting up again.

Since it seems that the cluster is the only thing that is being affected then that is the power path that needs to be looked at, not other power pathways, like to the stereo. The cluster should be tied to power via the ignition switch and dash fuse panel. The trouble you having is most likely due to a loose connection to power. The first thing to check is the connections to the cluster itself.

When you figure out it is the dash cluster itself, and I greatly suspect you will- I use D&D Instruments. You can search for them online. Less than half the price of International, and much better quality. you order just the circuit boards from them, and rebuild your own dash.

I have several 2000’ish Internationals in my fleet, and have had to replace the dash circuit boards in every single one of them. Mine are all 4700 series Internationals, but I have heard the same reports from other models, too.

Well it ended up being the cluster as Eddo said.Radio had nothing to do with it.Ironically they gave me a new tractor and took that one away so I had to reinstall my radio into this one.I should just build a box but I don’t like lugging things in and out of work.

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Thanks for letting us know the final verdict. Electrical gremlins like this can be tough to sort out.

If I read this correctly these are not your vehicles but belong to who you work for. I find it hard to believe they allow modification of any kind.

We’re allowed to have radios if we wish.I’ve seen some horrendous wire jobs inside of cabs.Downright fire hazards if you ask me.Constant 12v wires just sitting on the floor,speaker wires hanging down,etc.

If it’s an agricultural tractor, as I suspect, it would make sense for the owner to allow the operators to add radios. I cannot imagine spending endless long hours driving a large farm tractor or other agricultural vehicle without some music. I’ve never done so, but I imagine a little music would make long days in the seat a lot more tolerable.

I am surprised that tractors don’t have 12VDC power takeoffs as standard, however. But I admit to knowing nothing about farm vehicles except that they’re big. :relaxed:

I think these are tractors for pulling large trailers over the road and the warehouse I worked at would never let a driver tap into the wiring.

OP, is this a farm tractor or an over-the-road tractor?

Mountain,I drive OTR tractors.I’m not a farmer.