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2006 F150 instrument cluster goes out while driving. Comes back on with odometer reset button

My 2006 F150 instrument cluster, including the radio, will randomly go out while driving (although the LED display on the radio will come on if the menu button is pressed indicating that there is power). Everything will come back on within a few seconds to a few minutes. You can get everything to come back on immediately by pressing the odometer reset button. Any ideas? If power is being lost, why does the odometer reset button correct the issue?

Thanks for any input!

I wonder if there is just a poor connectiom in the back of the Instrument cluster and that pressing the reset button moves the entire cluster just enough to make those contacts touch again. Next time, try just pressing next to the reset button and see if it corrects the issue.
Either way you will have to pull the cluster and make sure all the connections are tight.

Pulling the cluster is not too much of a job.
If you get a Hayes or Chilton Manual, spacific for your make model and year, it should be a simple few screws and tip the cluster out.