Stereo issue

Hello all i have a 2012 chevy cruze with an aftermarket headunit its a kenwood excelon ddx 595. The issue im having is that every now and then the stereo will just turn off then back on again like if its rebooting sometimes it will do it once sometimes it will do it multiple times. I just upgraded my battery negative ground, added an isolator with an extra battery but i think my extra battery is dead or low because i just recently put the isolator in but anyways im trying to figure out why it just turns off and on

I’d suggest your head unit is going bad.

Monitor the voltage directly where the harness connects to the stereo, using a volt meter. If the power supply is steady and the correct voltage (12 -15 volts), then the problem is most likely the stereo itself. If the speaker wires short out that could be a cause too, so good idea ohm those out individually.

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Its a brand new head unit the audio shop replaced it for a new one sseing if that fixes the issue and it did for like a month

Il try that hopefully it works it would be crazy if my head unit is bad cause its a new one that i just got to replace the same one for the same issue. Iv had this issue since i put an aftermarket head unit it never did that before

If the stereo now is spec’d for more audio watt output than the older one, the wiring harness and fuses supplying power may not be adequate for the extra current. The resistance in the wiring will cause a voltage drop which will confuse the computer inside the radio, causing it to reset intermittently. Does this problem seem to occur when running the audio at high volume, but not so much when running the audio at low volume or even no audio (as a test)?

So today when it did it it was at medium volume then again on no volume right after then i started listening to music at about 20 and it was fine for 2 songs then did it again so i just turned it off @George_San_Jose1

Try leaving it turned on, but with the sound completely off. Might provide a clue.

So if it does it even with the sound completely off what does that mean the issue is ?

That would be a clue it is a problem with the stereo itself.

Il do that right now. It would be crazy if this one is bad because this is my second one of the same stereo the audio shop just replaced the first one for the same thing and i only had it a few months

also would me playing it for 3 hours at a car show in the heat be a factor on why it did it? This was the first time with this “new” stereo since they replaced it. Im in nor cal so its about 93 right now and the headunit its self was hot from sun exposure and provably from being played

It happens. Manufacturing problems etc. One time I got 4 faulty fuses in a row from a dealership parts department. Each one failed within two months. I purchased the 5th fuse from another place, been working fine for the past 15 years.

The stereo should be designed to play at nearly full volume at 93 degrees ambient temperature indefinitely. Of course it is possible it wasn’t designed correctly. To test that theory you could use a portable fan to blow air across it, see if that had any effect.

True i see that sometimes i work at a dealership. So iv been sitting im my car now for about 5 mins with volume completely off and its fine

Okay so update i started driving this morning with my phone connected playing music and it started turning on and off i then switched to the normal radio and it didnt do it. @George_San_Jose1

How is your phone connected? Bluetooth or an older auxiliary audio jack?

How loud do you play your music, and are you controlling the volume from the head unit or the phone? If inputs are turned up too loud (as in, max out the volume on your phone) they can put out more than the receiver can take. Some receivers have protection systems in place that will shut the receiver down before it gets damaged or in some cases before it might damage the speakers.

Bluetooth ,I usually have it all the way up on my phone and dont go more than 30 on the headunit. But it did it on low headunit volume with phone all the way up

Do you have the factory Bose amp and speakers?

No i dont have the premium audio i have a 1lt