Instrument cluster issue

Hi, I have a Mondeo 08 titanium X, recently the radio has started cutting off randomly and sometimes even turns itself back on which has caused battery drains and such. Now a new problem has arisen, my instrument cluster has started acting up, just keeps resetting while driving as if the car has just been started, its giving dodgy readings such as fuel levels and oil needing servicing even though i changed the oil not long ago. I took out the cluster to see if there was any dodgy wiring in the immediate plug area but i couldnt find anything ominous, im not sure wether to jump the gun and buy a new cluster and hope for the best or just hold out till i can get it looked into (a week from today for my normal mechanic). Could this also be a power draw issue?

Any help would be fantastic, thank you

Before you get a new cluster, do an internet search, there are places that repair instrument clusters. Just something to consider.

With radio acting up also there is also the possibility of the ignition switch or body control module. Depending on how much a cluster costs to repair or replace, you might want to get it diagnosed first.

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The BCM is probably failing.


My most likely guess same as above, ignition switch or BCM problem. But some possibility it is just a connector or fuse issue. You could try replacing the associated fuses. Less work, remove those fuses, if they look ok, no cracks, no burns, etc, reinstall them. Sometimes that will be enough to remove corrosion on the spades and sockets. Disconnecting and re-connecting connectors sometimes accomplishes the same thing. Not willy-nilly though, only for connectors that could logically be the culprit.

If I had that problem my diy’er self, I’d connected a volt meter to the radio power input, place it on the passenger seat, monitor what happens to the voltage as I drive the vehicle. I’d also do a basic battery/charging system test.