Installing New Read Door Window 94 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Just bought a 94 Ciera that did not have the window. Ordered a new one from the junkyard, but I am not sure how to put it in. Every angle i try does not seem to work. Any help?

You may have to go up from the bottom, if you have not tried that.

My vote is to take it to a glass shop and let them install it.

Pops right in from the top, like most other cars. You sure you have the correct window for your model car?

You’ve removed the door panel for a look-see, right? It may be necessary to temporarily disconnect or remove some of the stuff inside the door panel first. And it may be necessary to remove trim in the window-surround here and there. Do you have a Chiltons or Haynes repair manual for the car? They often include this procedure.

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Is the bottom of the old window still attached to the regulator? As @George_San_Jose1said, remove the door panel, pull back the plastic cover, and inspect the regulator. You may have to lower the window regulator a little to look at the top. When you put the window in, start it with both hands on the window outside the door to set it into the slot. Then put one hand on the window inside to keep it from falling and use the other hand to guide the window in.

Sometimes the window-stop-bumper at the bottom of the door (inside the panel) has to be removed, as well as the inside section of the rubber seal, at the bottom of the window opening.