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I need to park my 10 year old BMW 4 four months during the summr in an area that has a history of Mice taking up residence in cars. Is there any way I can protect him from Mice???

Fox urine available at garden centers/hardware stores.

Get some scrim or stainless steel pot scrubbers and stuff this into the exhaust pipe(s) and in the intake before the air filter. Then take some drier sheets and spread them throughout the interior of the vehicle.


Of course, if you have no access to 115 volts, they can’t be used. I have written about these repellers several times on this URL. Let me copy and paste just one of them:

This is a common problem, and I have an unusual amount of experience with this. Following details only work if you have electricity in the garage.

I live in rural Puebla, Mexico. We get rats; mice; scorpions; and lizards in the houses here.

Except my house. A cousin came needing help on something, and I picked up my shoes and put them on, without shaking them. He was horrified at my stupidity. I showed him my insect repellers. In the link, you can see what they look like.

They do work. It is a case of ultrasonic power, though. You need a lot more than they claim. According to them, I would need two for my 285 meter square house, but we found we needed 8 of them. Those little, cheap things they sell at Home Depot are probably good for six inches, not a whole room as they advertise.

We still had an occasional scorpion, and a very rare mouse or rat at the back of the house, and my wife realized we had two open drain pipes going out the back wall. We covered them with “hardware cloth”, and have had zero invasions in many months. No scorpions; no rats; no mice. And we deliberately leave a large gap under the front door so a certain bird can crawl in and eat our spiders, who are not deterred by these repellers. This bird, which we call the spider bird, ignores humans, and flies around the room eating spiders.

We have seen a poisonous lizard go running across the floor, and about 5 feet from the device, freeze up solid. I walked over and beat the crud out of him with my shoe. The cousin I mentioned has found dead lizards in almost exactly the same spot.

Put several of them around that car, or if you wish, put one under the hood, though that requires you to let the car cool off first, and you will need to take them out before driving.

In my experience, if you had to put six of them along the walls around that car to stop the rats, it would be cheaper than car repairs, and the devices should last indefinitely if you keep them dry and don’t park on them. But, for economy, I’d start with two, one near the right and left side of the car near the front.