Vermin in my cars

Not sure if they are squirrels or mice or chipmunks, but both my cars have been invaded by them. They are chewing up soft stuff like the underlining to carpets and paper, bringing in seeds and making nests in places like the spare tire compartment. What to do?

I’ve heard about mothballs… Anything a little less toxic to breath?

I doubt if mothballs will really work. If you are not able to move the cars somewhere that the critters are not, then you choices are somewhat limited. Traps poison, cats etc. Note: most modern poisons will not cause the mice to die in the car, but they cause thirst that causes them to leave the car to find water. However they are still serious poisons and can kill other animals and people.

Live traps are a great way to catch the critters in your car. Then you have to decide what to do with the critter. Follow your conscience, Grasshopper.

You might try this.


Have you really used one of these? Where would be the best place to set it up?

How’d you get his little legs apart anyway? I usually just smash the moths and trow them away - I don’t take the time to smell them.
But seriusly folks…I had a critter problem at work. I stored copier paper in what I thought was a well-closed shed. I now have a really good exterminator who catches squirrels and the likes with a humane trap baited with kitten food. That is really the only thing you can do.

You need a cat.

I have one. But in Vermont its not a good idea to let them out at night - they are as likely to be prey as much as predator…

Try contacting your state’s Department of Agriculture office. They have folks with expertise in rhodent control.

In our house in rural Mexico, we had an invasion of mice. Also a lot of scorpions. The answer was ultrasonics, low powered ones probably at Home Depot type stores.They sell real strong ones in Aurrera stores in Mexico, a subsidiary of Wal-mart.

No more mice, period. Instead of one big scorpion a week, we get like one tiny one once in three months.

I have even seen a poisonous lizard run across the floor right in front of me, then freeze solid so we walked over and smashed him. Our builder said he had found dead ones in that same location.

I don’t know about chipmunks, though. Personally, I would guess mice, but you know your flora and fauna.

The only problem is going to be plugging and unplugging each time you drive. My guess is they are inside the car already. Borrow a cat for an hour…

If they are mice, there waste is toxic to be careful there. Mice usually get ot the wiring and chew on it to sharpen their teeth. You can well imagine the damage there. Had that problem with airplanes and copiers, what a mess that turns out to be.

irlanders probably has the safest and best solution for you.