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Infinity keyless ignition

2005 Infinity G35, with keyless ignition, recently has not allowed me to turn the ignition switch out of the lock position in the morning. However during the rest of the day this is not a problem. If I use the ignition key I am able to turn the switch to start easily. Moreover, yesterday the keyless door lock did not work, but I could open the door with the same key I used for the ignition. Thanks for any insights.

Also, I’m not happy with the local Infinity dealership, can I take the care to a shop that does electrical work?

You may need access to someone who car reprogram modules,the Dealer. Many electronic/electrical glitches are solved with module reprograming.

When did Infinity start with the keyless system? Has there been time for a tech to get the training, leave the Dealer and end up at a “shop that does electrical work”?

How do you start your G35 in the morning if the key doesn’t work?

Is there a “start” button on the remote?

Is the key the remote (are they one and the same)?

Is the car’s battery original, or has it been replaced?

Being unhappy with a car dealer is a national obsession. Your experience is not uncommon, but I think in this case the dealer is your best bet, unless you can find an independent Nissan/Infinity mechanic. If you don’t like your local Infinity dealer, you could try the next closest one, and see if they’re any better.