Mercedes e320 Ignition key won't turn



This is a 2002 Mercedes e320. Today I attempted to start the care as usual, but the key would not turn. I heard some sounds when I put the key into the lock, but just could not turn the key. The battery is fine. The parking brake is on and the transmission is in park. I tried both keys. What is the problem?


Do you have a second key to try? Move the shift lever a few times and see if that will loosen it up. (Oh I see you did try both keys)

Next I would call a lock smith. Taking it to a dealer will just result in the dealer calling the locksmith and paying him while you pay the dealer twice as much.


Joe’s advise is good. An automotive locksmith can replace the ignition lock without too much trouble. Don’t make his job difficult buy trying to force things…


I would try the locksmith first, especially if he will come to you. If that doesn’t work, the tumblers on these cars are a real PITA to drill out. If you do get it to move, do not put it in the lock position again, you may not be so lucky a second time.


I appreciate your suggestions, but the ignition lock has no tumblers. It has an infrared key that communicates with the ignition key module. The closest I have come to a solution, so far, is to replace the electronic ignition key module. That item costs about $550 and requires pruchasing a refundable unit that synchronizes the key with the lock. That item costs $300+ but is refunded when returned to the dealer. Does anyone have any less expensive solutions?


Sorry, wrong car. OK, yours is easy; just take it to the dealer and replace whatever module needs to be replaced. You could call around to independent benz shops, but they will probably have to get the part from the dealer anyway.