Infiniti Key Fob

I have a 2008 Infiniti G35x with a push button start. The dealer recently replaced my key fob under warranty but now wants to charge me (about 1/2 hr labor) to reset the 2nd key fob, which I did not think to bring with me when the last service was performred, and which now does not work since the key fob was reprogrammed.

Can I fix this myself? Or is this something the dealer needs to do? I have seen many references to reprogramming Nissan key fobs but all start with “insert the key 7 times” and I don’t have a key.

Your help is appreciated.


The dealership should do this for free. It’s part of the warranty work. If they balk, have a chat with Nissan USA.

All the info I can find about your particular key fob requires the dealership or automotive pro locksmith to reprogram a new key fob. Call another Infinity dealer and see what they have to say. You may have to bite the bullet on this one and pay the 1/2 hour labor charge. A locksmith will probably charge a lot more but you could check and see.

I should think two things: a) the dealer should have told you to bring in all existing keys so the entire system can be programmed correctly in the first place, and consequently b) it should be covered under the same warranty. You do have all your paperwork, yes?

Take the paperwork and all keys back, and ask they finish the warranty work. When the first guy says no, keep going up “the chain” to the service manager. It’s ridiculous this is even being questioned…the job’s not finished until the system has been done. It’s not your fault they failed to tell you every requirement.

My VW dealer had to do ours (I lost a key), and when I bought the new key, they told me I needed to bring all keys in to program properly. Easy-peasy. Yours should have told you the same story, and had they, this would have been done long ago.

Thank you all for your feedback. I’m disappointed that I can’t do this one myself!

I obviously agree with you who say the dealer should do it under warranty. I sent an email yesterday and will follow-up with a phone call. Understand that at first they told me my key fob wasn’t covered under warranty even though the clicker wouldn’t open the car when I was standing next to it.

To chaissos’ point, the service manager didn’t tell me the other key fob wouldn’t work until the new one was programmed!

My dealer will lose a customer over a half hour of billable time that takes 5 minutes if they don’t make this right.