2005 chevy malibu...cd player issue

my cdr cd got stuck in the cd player a while ago…it wouldnt eject or play…made a clicking noise…i left it overnight and it ended up killing the battery…i had to go buy a battery charger down the street…wasnt happy. i went online to see if i could get some answers…i pulled the battery out and fuse and per some online suggestions. i managed to pull the cd out with a pair of pliers thinking this would save my battery and get us to work. after the battery and fuse trick i managed to get the cd player to stop clicking…but now didnt have a cd player that works. after several months i tried to figure out the same issue…same thing happened…dead battery late for work and such. so the issue is i cant put a cd in…something is blocking entry. i ended up just pulling out the fuse and leaving it alone. by doing this i no longer have the display that shows all the car info attached to it. i know that the player can be in locked status but does the unlocking code fix the issue of cds geting blocked at the cd door? can this issue be fixed by pulling the cd player and manually depressing something? do i have to buy the same type of player and get it programmed for the car?

ty in advance

I believe this boils down to you asking if there is an aftermarket AM/FM CD player that interfaces with your car the same way the factory unit does, correct? Those factory units can be repaired, which is my suggestion.

I am waiting for our "special"member to rant about factory radios.

the thing is that aftermarket stereos is that they dont have all the computer info that i can access on the original stereo that came with the car. im not about to lose all that just so i can listen to a cd. i know i can replace the stereo with any kind out there…my question is basically…can i fix this unit or do i have to buy a refurbished model that will have all the computer info?

Is it not clear in my post that I suggested you get the factory radio repaired? I guess when a post is uncluttered and to the point, the point gets missed.

no sorry…i didnt mention anything about a aftermarket stereo initially so i guess i was confused. is this how you answer forum questions…belittling people with actual issues?


You a breaking my heart, I answered you question clearly and simply in my first response.