In need of Help identifying this car!


spent a long time trying to figure it out…

i can’t

here’s a picture

please help.

it’s really annoying me that i can’t seem

to identify me

i’ll GREATLY appreciate any kind of help you can give me

thank you~

IT looks like either a modified RX-8 or FD RX-7

That looks like a CONCEPT of a car, not a photograph of a REAL car…

Dude,it’s ART WORK.
( the wheels don’t quite look real and the passenger side wiper doesn’t touch the windshield nor have a pivot point. ) Possibly a conceptual ground effects kit or perhaps artwork of an actual ground effects kit. A short search of kits doesn’t come up with any that look like this. Looking at headlights and roof line I can’t figure the base vehicle either.

It looks to me like a concept Mazda Rx, but I’ll be darned if I can find another photo on the web.

Seeing as how the hood ornament is the logo of a video game company, I’d say that’s a pretty good bet.

That’s not a car. It’s not even a photograph of a car. It’s a computer generated image.

And it’s ugly.

thanks to all of u for confirming my suspicions
yeah, i admit. it IS ugly.