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In a nut shell, Tahoe engine replacement question

One owner, me, 1999 Tahoe, Vortec 5700 in immaculate condition, was leaking from head seal into #1, fouling plug, could smell in exhaust, @ 120K. Put stop leak in oil and coolant, worked! 2 years later,140K, wife hits deer, dealership does $2500 repair on front end, replaces radiator, uh oh… Problem returns, stop leaked again, problem subsides but weather is cold at night and in the mornings problem is evident. Goes away as engine warms up and completely gone at operating temp. Early one cold morning engine is locked. Hit it with starter several times, too many, engine “broke” loose, I suspect at the wrist pin. Blam, blam, blam, block cracked at #1, oil pan “shotguned” from the interior in a circle pattern, oil and coolant everywhere, bad.
I have changed timing belts, and transmissions and do all the basic maintenance on everything we own. I think I can do an engine replacement on this tahoe. Have shop, tools, can lift engine with tractor boom pole. What do you think? Engine company recommendations? I see several mail order ones. Looks like a good replacement engine for this 5700 Vortec is gonna run around $2000. does that sound right? Shops want $4000 around here, Montgomery, AL, to do a replacement with a 100,000 mi/3 year warrantee. Any insights are appreciated!

Its not to hard to change a motor on a Tahoe. How is the trans? If you have AC you can move it out of the way so you don’t have to recharge it. Just mark all connections with tape and take pic’s too. One more thing change the front seal on the trans. I would all so dump out the trans fluid out of the torque converter and change the trans filter.

Now were to get a rebuild engine. Ask around at shops as were they buy them. Also check the junk yards. They will know who dose a good job rebuilding them. I would not go used on this. Finding a 5.7 with low miles that will work will be hard. You should also check with the dealer. GM crate motors for that year I think are around that price. One more thing if your 99 has a distributor,check the gear. If its wore just buy a complete new one from Rock Auto or Am Auto Parts. You will find them on line. AM as them for $122.95 with wires.
IMO go for it.

What oldbodyman said. I’d stick with a GM engine for this one.

I’ll also add that you should replace the oil cooler lines if they haven’t been done.

A GM “long block” crate motor is the way to go, some dealers offer them at deep discounts…Don’t use the tractor boom to pull the engine, not enough control…Rent an engine hoist…

But this is a lot of money to “invest” in a 13 year old Tahoe…You can fantasize you are getting a brand new vehicle for your money but you are not…It’s STILL a 13 year old Tahoe with 140K on it…