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Repair or Replace?

The engine on my '99 Toyota Tacoma just seized. (I’ll blame myself, I’ve let my son drive it to work the last few months and I haven’t been monitoring oil levels nor sent it in for a change.) The truck’s a manual transmission type with 248,000 miles, and has been perfectly reliable. And the shop says $9,000 to install a low-mileage used engine, including machining the flywheel, plus do brakes and shocks (overdue by now on shocks). That seems like a lot of money, when I found used engines from $800 to $1,600 on one website. Anyone have a feel for whether nine grand is about right for the work described? Thanks much

I would say goodbye and sell it for parts. On your next vehicle, I would teach your son elementary car care.

Sell it and don’t look back. 9K is too much money to put into a 99 model Tacoma since that’s way above retail book value.

Way too much. I know it was a few years ago but I had a GM Goodwrench reman diesel long block installed in my Olds at the dealer for $2400 total. If you can get a good used engine for $1000 or so, find another shop to install it.

I would think you could get the engine swap done for $3k, maybe, but even then it’s not worth it, given the possibility for headaches from the work or problems with the used engine. I’d move on.

It might be worthwhile to shop around as Bing recommended. Although I rarely install used engines a friend/competitor specializes in doing so and has a great reputation. It would appears he marks up the engines 100%.

Thanks to all. Confirms my gut-check on cost. Now I have to decide if it’s worth it to shop around. Hard to let go sometimes.

No way would I sink 9 grand in this thing. Check around with a reputable salvage about an engine. Some yards will also install what they sell for a nominal fee or refer you to a local shop they may deal with on a regular basis.

It would seem to me this work could be done for far less than what you’ve been quoted.

Before going that deep into 4 figures I’d do a Chevy 350 conversion.

9,000 you can buy a new used truck. no way ! shop around, look for a garage to work with you and get a good warrenty with the engine. your online quotes are much more in line with reality. I would tell the mechanic that gave you the quote to pound sand.