2017 Chevrolet Tahoe- Transmission options

Transmission failing should I rebuild or replace

If the only failure mode is an unusually long time delay when shifting from P to D, especially noted first thing on cold mornings, & maybe some slipping/delays as it changes between other gears during normal accelerations from 0 to 40 mph, I’ve had good luck using a rebuild for that problem. If the problem is major gear-clashing noises, water or coolant got into the transmission fluid, or a lot of metal debris found at the bottom of the transmission pan, me, I’d prefer a replacement. Suggest to ask a well-recommended independent transmission specialist. Ask mechanics at the local inde car repair shops around town who they use. Usually there is one particular transmission shop in the area they recommend.

I’d be curious to know why a 5-6 year old transmission had failed.

I’d also get at least 2 estimates for both repairing and replacing the transmission. My guess is, with the part supply chains issues and general craziness of the used car market, you’re going to be better off repairing the one you have.


Who told you the transmission is failing? What are the symptoms exhibited that led to this conclusion? As mentioned by @ledhed75, get at least one more evaluation by shop that is capable of providing a thorough evaluation and honest enough to give you an appropriate response. That may be the shop you went to already, but we don’t know that.

You want to rebuild the transmission so any up-dates are included in the process to prevent the known problems with this transmission.

One of the more common Chevy Tahoe transmission problems is the loss of 3rd and/or 4th gears. This occurs because the clutch discs inside the 4L60E 3-4 clutch pack have a tendency to wear out and fail prematurely.

Replacing the transmission with a new one means you’ll be installing a transmission with the same problems.


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Get a Jasper remanufactured transmission.

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So hard to tell over the internet. My 2017 Acadia limited bought used had trans service at 30k as fluid was tan. How many miles? Mine was weird, trans dipstick showed no fluid, took it in, and it had to be in drive to check fluid. Many times trans suspicion turns out not to be the trans. Dealer checkout is what I would do.

Need lots more information. How many miles? 4WD? What are the issues you feel? Did you discover the issues or did you take it in for an oil change and were told the transmission is failing?

I have a 2007 Silverado with 280k miles on it and the transmission has never failed.

Probably a new one is your best bet. GM has not had the best luck with the transmissions on newer trucks. Unfortunately you don’t have a 4L60e, which wasn’t great but was very inexpensive to rebuild.