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I'm Shocked

The Ghilbi is roughly the same price as a loaded BMW 5 series and is Maserati’s attempt to increase sales, the dealers usually get considerably more Maserati’s than Ferrari’s so they are a lower priced but still enjoyable alternative. Advertising during the Superbowl is one of their ways to bring some attention to their new model.

“I hope it was a ‘latina’, and not a ‘latino’”

Pretty hard to tell these days without a full inspection but from the upper half, she was a female from Puerto Rico.


When I still worked at the dealership, there were some young female cashiers that got in trouble for their attire. They wore extremely low cut blouses, high heels, and extremely short miniskirts. On top of that, they would also put oil on their legs, so that the glare would force people to stare at them. They would constantly walk back and forth, going nowhere in particular, to draw attention from as many people as possible.

The service manager told them they better cut it out, because they were being blatant attention whores and cutting into everybody’s productivity.

There’s a difference between Sexy and vulgar.

Maserati ad was lame IMO as well as Doberhuaha or whatever.

The Dylan ad for Chrysler was great IMO but I’m not a Chrysler fan so I thought it was a good effort. I’m gonna make someone made here but it was akin to a silk purse and a sows ear.

“The Dylan ad for Chrysler was great IMO but I’m not a Chrysler fan so I thought it was a good effort. I’m gonna make someone made here but it was akin to a silk purse and a sows ear.”

Yeah I thought especially since they just announced a couple days before the name change to “Fiat Chrysler” and refused to say where their home office would be. Certainly not Detoit though. And how in the heck did “Jeep” a famous WW II brand, ever end up owned by the Italians? Breaks my heart and makes my blood boil.

@bing, speaking of PC, I just went back and read the post of yours that was labeled as spam. first, imo, it was not, but it reminded me of something… Many, many years ago The MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour did a scathing report on the Archer-Daniel midlands Co. with willie nelson, farm aid and everything. I thought it was great. then a short time later Archer… became a sponsor of the News Hour, and I haven’t heard a peep out of them about small farmers’ plight since. really knocked them off the pedestal I had put them on.

@wesw I guess if you can’t beat 'em, buy 'em.

Huh, didn’t remember that post. It was just a book. Guess someone figured I was pitching a product ot something. The one book wasn’t much good, but the Weatherman one-well it was eye opening. Back in the 60’s, folks involved in terrorism, bombings, police murder, and more with a goal of over-throwing the US are now renowned educational leaders and one advising on current economic matters. Heavy Chicago tie in-no need to say more. The Weatherman intended to socialize the country and planned to set up re-education camps for those that were not convinced of the socialist way. Then they just planned to kill up to 30 million that still didn’t see the light and according to the author who had infiltrated them for the FBI, “they were dead serious”. A lot of people just think its right wing wacko stuff. I wish it was but the old associations and connections have just been ignored by the media and forgotton and some of the main characters continue to work behind the scenes.

I was too busy with school in the 60’s and we never paid much attention to some of these groups like the Weathermen and Black Panthers. The author had been recruited by them after he just got back from Nam and went to the FBI with what they were planning. He became an informer and later they tried to kill him when they found out. He was a true American and just recently died so I just felt I owed it to him to at least read his account. He spent the rest of his life fighting Bill Ayers, his wife, and the other Weathermen still active, while they continued to slip through the legal system.

Mike, I agree, there is a difference between sexy and vulgar. Judging from many of the “celebrities” I see on TV, we in the U.S. seem to have largely lost the distinction. Or perhaps the “thought police” have largely stamped it out.

I seriously considered learning Spanish just so I could enjoy their TV. They have slapstick comedy that’s funny to watch even without understanding what they’re saying. They have variety shows equal to those that have become legends here in the U.S. Sadly, all we have left here is crap, IMHO largely because we have to “walk on eggshells” to prevent accidently offending anyone.

U.S. Sadly, all we have left here is crap, IMHO largely because we have to "walk on eggshells" to prevent accidently offending anyone.

Unfortunately we all know that many of the offensive stuff is NOT done accidentally. I work in a very diverse workplace. I’ve had to fire a guy who was constantly telling racist jokes which offended many other co-workers. He was warned about 3 times. He was sent to sensitivity training…and he kept saying that he didn’t mean anything by it. When I finally had to fire him…he basically told me that (his exact words - “Those damn “nword” can’t take a joke”.

You want to say something that is going to upset someone…then expect that person or group to has EVERY RIGHT to criticize what you said. Freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom of ridicule.

Left turn signal blinking. It always was interesting though how those who were most interested in diversity were only interested in diversity of color rather than diversity of ideas.

Let’s face it, Mountainbike, some of what used to be considered entertainment was quite offensive. We just didn’t regard the people who were being offended important enough to consider.

Tell me, if you dare, that this isn’t offensive.

BTW, I wasn’t offended when they did this in Mad Men. It was an honest depiction of life in the 1960s. I am, offended, however, that anyone did anything like this in the 1960s.

I abhore, am disgusted by, and will not stand still for racism, elitism, discrimination, or and “putting down” of a group or person in my presence.

But celebrating one’s sexuality isn’t discrimination. It’s beautiful. And that’s what I’m alluding to.
Are we so brainwashed by the thought police that I’m going to have to “walk on eggshells” even when I’m paying tribute to a culture? Actually, with the number of sports teams that named themselves after native Americans to denote bravery, courage, pride, and warrior’s honor and have had to change their names, I suppose I do. But it saddens me.

The meek shall inhibit the Earth.

I agree 100% with you MB. Much of this has been taken way too far.

I read the other day that SNL tends to rag on republicans more than democrats int heir skits. They do this because democrats will take offense to the joke, while republicans will laugh at the joke.

No, they do it because the vast majority of actors and writers are democrats. I haven’t noticed any better sense of humor on either side.

All the republicans I know have pretty thin skins when you make jokes at their expense.

But many republicans are pretty good at making jokes

Not wanting to get too deep into these kind of issues, I will say this. I’m mostly conservative white with some Native American blood. The word “Indian” and other applicable words does not offend me at all.

In the past I’ve been confronted twice by multiple people who are of a darker color than me and called me various derogatory names that are used against white people. The first led to fistcuffs which I did not start but did finish. The second incident involved 8 of them (2 women/6 men) against 2 of us and things looked pretty grim when those guys started dragging chains and tire irons out of the trunks of their cars. It was either run or get stomped and we weren’t running.

The only thing that saved our bacon was a passing car with 3 guys I knew who stopped to see what was about to happen. Two of those friends were offensive linemen for a major university football program and were big ole boys. The thugs (calling them what they are) decided to pack up and bug out; probably because of the pair of near 300 pound football players.

A family friendly forum doesn’t allow me to state exactly what was said to me either time but racism is not a one-way street.

I dunno. Its hard to make these broad generalizations. Our guy in Minnesota is Al Franken, formerly of SNL. He had a way left leaning radio program before he was elected and it was really terrible. He thought he was funny but was really just bad taste making fun of everyone not in his camp. On the other hand, there is a very right wing talk show that is very funny. I don’t think it is me either because I have flopped back and forth a number of times. Seems like some folks take saving the universe so seriously that they forgot that humor is very important.

For example we had a yellow bike program in St. Paul some years ago that was put together by these well meaning save the planet folks. They had a couple hundred bikes that they painted yellow and there idea was to put them around town so anyone could use them to bike around town. It took one to two weeks and all the bike were gone. Stolen, confiscated, who knows, just gone. The people putting these programs together should not be running a business or a govenment program without some hardened conservative watching over them. Nice idea but totally in left field in implementation. At any rate the whole program was great entertainment on the radio. I just don’t see the same kind of humor on the other side though.

I guess I’m a little off topic. People dedicate their lives to some cause like save the whales and it hard for them to see the humor I guess in their extremism. More middle road conservatives I think just tend to shake their head though and joke about it.