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I'm all packed up at the pump!

Everytime I drive up to the gas station I start to get this puckered up feeling cause I know that every time I get gas in my 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe… it pumps about one dollar then shuts off… and I proceed to pump the rest of the fuel at a slow crawl or the built up vapors will shut down the pump and I have to wait a sec for fill tube to clear…and it’s killing me… what can I do to vent the tube so gas can flow?.. please advise…and hey!! Your guys show… kicks friggn ace…

There is a blockage somewhere in your system. You could search YouTube videos and see if this is a DIY project you want to take on. If not, it goes to a mechanic.

There is a known issue with Hyundais in regard to spiders building nests that clog the vapor recovery system. Not, that is not a joke!