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Gas Tank Venting

I have a 2002 Santa Fe with over 116K miles. Never had any amjor troubles! Great vehicle! Up until about 6 months ago I never had any problems when filling up the gas tank. Now, even when I use the slowest possible input flow, the auto-shut off of the nozzle stops the flow. This is way before getting close to a full tank. Perhaps after adding 3-4 gallons. I can fill up the tank but it takes several auto shutdowns at the slowest flow. I have tried several different gas stations and pumps to no avail. I have no problems with the fuel getting to the engine in any way. It runs great. Just fill ups tank much longer then before. To me it appears to be a gas tank venting problem during fill up only. Has any one heard of this problem? What is the cause? What is the fix? I’m trying to get an idea of nature of this problem before I take it to the dealership for repair. Thanks!!!

It’s very common on smaller vehicles. Their filler necks are smaller so they usually have the hardest time when it comes to fueling. Your vent may be damaged in some way and that can cause the problems you are experiencing. I always use a little trick to make my own vent. Just pull back 3-4 inches on the nozzle and tilt the handle down. You can probably use the medium speed setting to fill your Santa Fe now. Avoid the dealership because most of them don’t have a clue when it comes to vehicle repair.

First, enter “slow fill” into the search feature of this board to read dozens of posts like yours…

There are two possibilities. The “anti-spill rollover valve” and “on-board vapor recovery system”.

Sometimes the check-valve can be dislodged by running a flexible switch, rod, tube, shaft down the filler neck. The valve is located where the filler tube meets the fuel tank…It’s just a cork or plastic ball that can block the filler pipe…

Check for TSB’s, this is a very common problem these days on both domestic and foreign brands, many different causes and many different fixes. You don’t want to put effort out when the manufacture has already identified the problem and the fix.

OK I’ll bite. What is TSB?

Technical Service Bulletins.