2009 Hyundai Sonata Fueling Issue


Just bought used 2009 Hyundai Sonata. When I try to put gas in, the filler nozzle/handle clicks off after just about ever gallon or so instead of just filling till full and clicking off then. So I have to keep manually filling and eventually I get about 8 gallons in and give up and I am up to about 1/2 a tank on gauge. Gauge seems accurate as first time I put gas in the low on fuel light was also on and I got about 8 gallons in and I was at about 1/2 tank in a 17.7 gallon tank. What is going on here? What fixes this?


You may want to try pulling up to the pump from the other direction.

I’ve had vehicles that the nose of the car/truck must be slightly down hill also.
Most of the station lots have a slight slope to shed rain water better.

The other possibility is that the evap system which takes in the fumes while you fill up,and stores them until the engine is running…may not be operating properly.

Is the check engine light on???



Try filling it on slow, it might be an expensive repair to chase down,


There’s a restriction in the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system.

Have someone check this system for spiders laying egg sacs in this system, which doesn’t allow the fuel tank to vent when refueling.



+1 to Tester’s comment.
For reasons that are unclear to me, Hyundais of that vintage seem to have a problem resulting from spiders contaminating the vapor recovery system.


Thank you Yosemite. Yes, I first refueled, after buying the car, about a week ago. Then 2 days ago, on my first drive of any length since, the check engine light came on.


Post the codes and that will help get decent answers. Also if this purchase was from a used vehicle sales lot check your state regulations to see if they have to provide some kind of warranty or a buy back program.


Thanks Tester. Check engine light was/is on. The mechanic first blew out the evap control valve and then I drove it couple weeks and the check engine light came back on and stayed on. I brought it back to mechanic who then replaced the evap control valve with a new one and charged me $100. The check engine light was not on till I drove it several days later when the check engine light then came back on. In fueling, the pump still clicks off a few dozen times in the process of putting in 10 gallons. Every time, I have to wait about 10 seconds to start fueling again or else it clicks off immediately. Any further help/instructions?