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Pumping gas takes forever

Hello everyone…
Please help me find a solution for why I spend so much time at the gas pump …
My pump will shut off fast like it builds up pressure due to lack of ventilation in fill tube…what do u think? Any suggestions?
It’s a 2002 Santa Fe v6



Vehicle ? I think it may be the 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe he asked about 7 JAN 2018 with the same problem.

The air space above the gasoline in the tank has to be pushed into the charcoal canister to make room for the incoming gasoline. Likely something wrong with that function. Could be an obstruction in the fill-tube path to the gas tank too I guess too. My guess some valve is sticking or an evap tube in pinched, something like that. A shop w/Hyundai expertise shouldn’t have much problem figuring that out.