my key wont start the car. it is stuck and will not even come out at times. help

I’m not sure how anyone is supposed to help via internet. You probably need a new ignition switch lock cylinder so you’ll probably just need to get it to a mechanic to have it evaluated. There are mobile mechanics - never having used one I can’t tell you anything about costs. You might also call around to locksmiths who also do housecalls.

thanks. i appreciate it.

I will also add that it may be a worn lock. It may need to be replaced. If you or another driver has lots of “stuff” on their key chain, that could be the reason for a worn lock.

Did someone try to steal this car? It is possible that a thief did some damage to your lock mechanism.

Or is your key worn? Do you have another key that you can try? Did you try lubricating the key and lock mechanism?

Is this an intermittent or constant problem?