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Ignition key stuck

I cant get the ignition key out of the lock of a 99 Chrysler Sebring.Tried turning steering wheel. Ideas?

What ever you do, don’t break the key off trying to remove it…Try a little spray lube, jiggle it around…Then take it to a locksmith who does automotive work. Some will come to you…It’s MUCH cheaper to fix if you don’t bugger it up…

Are you sure the car is ALL THE WAY into park? If it’s not, the key won’t come out.

Find a good locksmith, but beware of scams in Yellow Page and online listings… they are a huge problem. is where you can learn before you hire a stranger, find a LEGIT locksmith that has been background and industry checked for their voracity, see what states are doing to prosecute the scams, see news reports nationwide on thsi scam, as well as direct links to file complaints, if already you got taken.

There are LOTS of terrific locksmiths, but beware the scams.

Stepping back off the soapbox, and back to your question;

If you have a FLOOR / Console mounted gear selector, take the coffee mug, scrunchees and other debris that sits between the dash and the stick, see if it goes MORE into “park” and thus releases key.

If this does not help, go to your TRUSTED locksmith.

Convertible and coupe used a totally different lock system, so tough to diagnose online, as the lock cylinder and shift interlock can both be an issue, as well as a improperly made duplicate key, if this was a copy that was never used before.

Also you can try foot on brake pedal, turn key back to start, shut off, PUSH KEY INWARD while turning back to “lock”, while with right hand, pushing gear selecter “further” into park ( gently yet firmly)

Jeff Rosen