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Ignition Switch iReplacement for my 1992 Acura Legend?


I have a 1992 Acura Legend L (automatic). The keys were lost and the ignition is not the original. I have a used replacement and was wondering how hard it is to replace. I’ve been told it should be done by an expert only, however, I’m very mechanically inclined. Does anyone have any experience or comments? Is it possible to get directions on how to do this? THX!

While I don’t know about your specific vehicle, replacing the lock cylinder usually isn’t very difficult. A service manual should detail the procedure. A word of caution: If the car has a driver’s side airbag, follow the disarming directions to the letter. Click on these instructions from Auto Zone. You’ll need a Dremel tool to grind screwdriver slots in the heads of the two screws holding the ignition lock on. A Haynes would be nice, too. I use’em.

Take the old one that you lost keys to complete from the steering column, and take to your locksmith. give them your door key, as well.

When you pick it up, the ign will be rekeyed to match the OE code.

If your keys are worn down, they can also cut FRESH keys, not copies of the old keys.

You can ship it all to me for this service, as well.

City Lock
Boulder CO

citylockusa, your response hits upon a problem in some parts of the country: in some places, locksmiths have NO store-fronts. They work by dispatch, only (from their homes), and charge dispatch fees. This makes it difficult to “take it to a locksmith”.