Where to get fixed? mechanic/bodyshop/locksmith



i want to replace the igition switch as it and the keys are well worn on my '97 altima. what i’m wondering is, who do i take the care to?



Note if you are wearing out locks, likely you need to remove some of the weight from the key ring.


If you really need to replace both the switch (really just the tumbler) and the keys, the dealer should be able to get a replacement that is keyed to your car, so you don’t have to replace all the door locks as well. Are you sure you need to replace the tumbler too?


well, the keys are not an issue. its a 97 altima, the keys are worn, and i have to play with it in the ignition to be able to get it to start, so if i could avoid having all the locks re-keyed that’d be great, but i’m thinking that i’d need new keys as well. would this make a difference in your responses/suggestions??


I would take it to a locksmith. They will be able to cut new keys from codes and that may be all you need. If you need a new cylinder as well, a locksmith can match it to your original keys.


You really need new keys and the locks rebuilt. New locks should not be needed. That is why you should stop at a good locksmith who can do all that for you in most cases. It will usually be cheaper as well since the dealers often just farm the work out to a local locksmith and then add their markup.


Well, I may be wrong. Try calling a locksmith and see if they can do anything with a worn ignition tumbler. Post back and let us know what you find out.

If that doesn’t work, call the dealer and see if they can order the correct replacement tumbler based on your VIN.


ok, i’ll inform my results. thanks for the advice, now to find a locksmith


ok, i’ll inform my results. thanks for the advice, now to find a locksmith