Replacing 92 Legend Ignition Switch


I would like to replace the ignition switch on my 1992 Acura Legend myself. I’m rather mechanically inclined, however, have never done this before. Is it highly complex, dangerous or are there any cautions I should be aware of? Can someone please share where I might get exact resources, steps or information on how to do this.


I suggest a service manual for this project. If you can’t find one locally, try

Some ignition switches are easier than others, but the only way to know is to read through the procedure in a manual and decide whether or not you want to tackle it.

Do you think a service manual would provide all the details and tools required? Thanks!

The ignition switch is of two parts…the lock cylinder, and the switch part (with the wires attached). I think you probably need the switch part (with wires attached).
This link shows how to replace both parts. You DON’T need to do the part with the LOCK.
The best repair manual would be, like, Haynes, or Chilton’s Repair Manual. The factory repair manual is too professionally oriented.

The key was lost and the ignition did not come with the car, so I’m really doing this because I dont have a key. Would that be the lock cylinder that I have to replace?

Yes, that would be the lock cylinder. A replacement ignition lock comes with a key.

Thank you hellokit. Are you or is anyone aware of a manual of some sort with pitcurre? The link is just text and I’m not familiar with any of the terminology used. Thx!