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This man was able to satisfy Exodus 20:8-10 “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Six days you will labor but on the 7th day you shall rest”, and Mark 2:27 “Man was not made for the Sabbath, the Sabbath was made for man” at the same time.


But what about people who reject religious myths?
Is the 7th day not Saturday?

After practicing on the cathedral organ of the church which so kindly allowed me to practice, I would sleep on a pew in the organ loft. Emerge three hours later and the staff thought I was practicing all that time.

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In case some of you younins didn’t recognize it but that red car is a Morris minor. You don’t work on it on Sunday, you work on it the rest of the week. Ha ha ha.

My one office was 50 miles away and the place I would buy steel was half way. Great bunch but they were strict 7th day Adventist. So I stopped for steel one Friday morning with my trailer for 10 foot lengths of steel. I asked if I could just leave my trailer there and pick it up on my way home again. They said no problem but it had to be out of there by sundown or their jobs would be in jeapordy. I heard of a guy there getting fired simply by closing up his tool box after sundown at the start of the sabbath. A little extreme but their store, their rules.

In Jerusalem, on the sabbath at the hotel we were at, one elevator was programmed to go up and down without pushing buttons. Pushing a button on the sabbath was prohibited by those following the old rule book. We Lutherans are a rebel bunch though and can do what we want on sundays and eat meat any day of the week.


While we are in the subject of being a Lutheran:

My father in law was from a village in Northern Germany. The one church in the village is Lutheran and is over 1000 years old. This means it was a Catholic church for longer than it has been a Lutheran church, even if it converted to Lutheranism immediately after Martin Luther left the Catholic church.


Similarly, all of the oldest churches and cathedrals in England were originally Catholic institutions, until Henry VIII invented The Church of England during a fit of pique.

Yeah we were at the original church during the reformation celebration. Very cold service. No heat. Of course the us was under British rule before the revolution too. And the French and the Spanish. As they say you know you are over the target when the pope is chasing you around Germany trying to kill you. Suicide by shotgun blast then hanging was popular then too.

Happened across some 1969 Morris Minor Traveller specs, pretty good fuel economy, but at a significant accel performance price.

1.1 L OHV engine
50 HP at 5100 rpm
4 speed manual
Top speed, 77 mph
0-60, over 20 seconds
mpg, 38

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Most of the restored ones I’ve seen had Datsun engines and transmission, plus disc brakes etc. seems to help. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Regardless of your religious persuasion or your designation of which day of the week is the Day of Rest, if you do any work under your car you probably know there have been moments when you’re on your back, under the car, and you realize, again, that you forgot some damn tool or other. Take a nap or wriggle out and get it …


My grandmothers sister became a catholic BVM nun. Her quote was Lutherans are better Catholics than the Catholics are. To keep it on topic, I may go to the basement and do random banging and clanking to make the wife think I am waorking :wink:

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Heh heh. I have stories from the old days but not appropriate here. There has been an effort to dissolve the differences but there are some that still linger, like communion and music. I had several girl friends but then fell for a Methodist. After discussing with my dad, concluded it just wouldn’t work. :smile:

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