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If you're dead, stop making so much noise!

I have a '97 VW GTI. My battery died, I left the lights on, but when I went to get a jump, the minute the cables were connected, my car alarm went off. Fortunately, we cut the power and the alarm ate up what little juice was supplied, but my car would not turn over. We tried to pop the clutch to get it started, but nothing. What can I do?

Wait…what? You seem to be describing a textbook dead battery. When you hooked up for a jump the alarm goes off…perfectly normal…just hit your remote button to shut the alram down. Next…continue to have the jumper cables hooked up until you put enough juice back into the battery to start it…and it should start. You need to have sufficient power in the batt in order to do a proper “pop” start…it has to run the ECU and fuel pump properly if it was to have a chance…now if you were on a huge hill you may be able to get it to pop start because you will be turning your alternator fast enough to actually run the car… YOu didnt have enough juice in the batt to try a pop start yet…thats all

I have written many a response stating how important it is to have clean and greased batt terminals and clamps…your battery may be on its last legs and not accepting a full charge…this is normal when a batt finally dies. If you batt is still good then it will take a charge no problem…so charge it until you can start the car…and drive it to fully charge it up. Make sure your batt terminals and clamps are clean and greased PLEASE

Thanks…but remote button? You’re funny. It’s a '97, not '07. Regular key entry. That would be nice, though.
I’ll give it another try, although the noise alone makes me wary. Just afraird that if we do get it juiced, and it still won’t turn over, that there’s no way to turn the alarm off. New battery then, most definitely.
And will make sure that connections are clean…all of them.
Many thanks. Oona, from Minneapolis

Oh I see then do you need to cycle the ignition key to get your alarm to turn off? If so do what you would normally do to shut the alarm down if it went off with a normal charged battery. This usually involves turning the ignition all the way on… and it should shut off. I didnt know if you had an aftermarket alarm system in there or not…I used to install those professionally so …I just assumed…and made an Ass out of meself…lol.

If you juice it up and cant get it running just pull the pos or neg batt terminal off to shut it up.