Alarm going off after connected to charger

The van’s battery died all the way.

I went to jump it off and as soon as I connected the charger it’s loud and annoying alarm started going off.

I tried pressing the Disarm button and the Arm button, nothing happened.

What do I do?

Is it an after market alarm? Can you pull the fuse and charge it?

What type of van is it?

A Van Halen?

A Van Morrison?

Or a Van Johnson?


First thing I would try is to use the key in the door lock to disarm the alarm–the key lock is designed to disarm the alarm just the same as the remote. If that doesn’t work…

Sometimes when the battery goes dead a car’s electronic systems can get their little brains scrambled. I would disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery, touch it to the positive to dissipate any remaining charge, then wait a few minutes and reconnect. Hopefully this remedies the situation. If a couple of attempts of this do not fix it, you may need the diagnostic services of a dealer or experienced shop.

Tester left out a few possibilites.

Could be a Van Damme or a Van Dyke.

Seriously, year make and model of the van? Factory or aftermarket alarm system?

asemaster makes a good point: If this is an aftermarket alarm, the procedures I detailed may not have any effect at all. It’s doubtful an aftermarket alarm will be hooked up to the door lock as a factory system is.