95 vw golf wont start after removing alarm

my 95 vw golf wont start iv tryed push starting and jumping. it runs fine. the alarm just started going off randomly. so i diabled it and hot wiierd starter wires. it turns over but will not start. any ideas?

Evidently the alarm shuts off the ignition system, so you have no spark. If it’s a factory alarm, then you’ve got more to do to actually remove the system (or you could just put it back, and fix it). If it’s an aftermarket add on, you’ll need to find the installation instructions, and reverse them.

some alarms also have a fuel kill feature which shuts off the fuel pump, resulting in your situation. If it’s aftermarket, it can be a nightmare to troubleshoot once it’s already out of the car, because now you have a bunch of unlabeled wires that may or may not be your problem.

This would be a perfect example of why I would rather have a nondescript car that no one wants to steal than feel the need to have a car alarm. They have so many tendrils in so many wiring controls in your car, I have heard of nothing but nightmares trying to remove or disable them. My boss recently traded in his car because the alarm malfunctioned and they couldn’t get the car to start afterward.

I would guess that if you searched through a VW forum, especially one that focused on the Golf models, someone probably has posted the proper way to remove the factory alarm, including which wires to jump/ground/bypass. I belong to a Toyota Supra group that has a fantastic wealth of information that has allowed me to bypass several of the factory modules that have malfunctioned or failed. And, they do have a nice post with pictures for removing the factory alarm system, which includes a starter cut-out and signal wires to the ECM to tell it to power up the ignition and fuel pump.