How to connect/disconnect battery without seting off Viper alarm

There is a button underneath the dashboard to the left of the steering column.I also have a remote control which can shut the alarm off but when tightening the bolt to the battery terminal the alarm keeps going off and I have to keep shutting it off with the remote control.I can’t work on my car since the alarm keeps alarming people next door.Is there a sequence that needs to be followed ? Should I press the button before disconnecting the battery and/or after connecting the battery?

What you should probably use is a backup system for the battery when it’s disconnected. This way you don’t lose the system monitors for the engine management system or the radio presets. Something as inexpensive as this works good.


You have come accross one of the reasons people hate car alarms,problems when disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. I have never found a way around it besides having the remote in you hand while reconnecting the battery.

Walmart and auto supply stores sell a cheap back up that plugs into the cigar lighter.

Thanks Tester and everyone else.I’ll give it a try soon.I was unaware that I( needed to use a back up system for a 1996.If I had a manufacturers service manual,I think that would have helped.As you know they are very expensive new.

My x son inlaw moved far away.Along time ago the battery went dead so I took it in to get it charged and he used the button underneath the left side of the dash and it started right up.I don’t know if he pushed the button before or after connecting the battery terminals.

The need to have a backup for engine management parameters is way overblown as your car will not experience any difficulties that you will notice from disconnecting the battery. On earlier GM cars there was a idle re-learn time period that did complicate immediate idle issues but your 1996 is good to go with a seemless battery disconnect and reconnect,you wont even notice the relearn procedure.

Adaptive transmission shiftpoints are also a non-issue.

Thanks old school,I think I might have to buy a manufacturers service manual and/or buy a book on car alarms.There is a button undrneath the dashboard to the left of the steering column.My X son inlaw used it when we recharged the battery and reinstalled it a few years ago.Do you know anything about this button.I think they call it a valet button.

It probably is a valet button. What this does is allows you to leave the car with someone and have the alarm in a “wil not arm” mode.

Probably a sequence like hold button in, key on,then its in valet mode,will not help with the problem of alarm sounding while you are reinstalling battery cable.