If your parents named you after their cars, what would your name be?

I was thinking of this question while listening to the segment about Tara and her husband who wants to name their child after their VW Westfalia. It’s a good thing there are so many names to do with vans (Savannah, Ivan) and Westfalias (Westin), but the only car my parents owned when I was born was a Toyota Camry. Well, before I was born my dad had a VW Rabbit, but I’m glad my name isn’t “Rabbit.”

Well. neither of my parents owned a car when I was born… So may be I could have been named after the transit system? Greater Cleveland regional transit authority (GCRTA.) Hmmm… maybe Greta? Well it just so happens I have a sister named Greta… Too bad she was born 8 years later when they had a Ranger and a Topaz.


Falcon. Ford has four letters too. I could get in trouble just by talking. You never knew what the Falcon would come up with either.

Malibu or TR6

My parents only owned Fords for a very long time, so not much choice. Looks like I would have been called Ford or Deluxe.

Nash. They had a 1949 when I was born.

My parents owned a Ford Victoria (built in the 1950’s) and a Fiat Spyder (also from the 50’s) when I was born (in 1963). I guess they could have named me Victor or Fix It Again Tony.


Pontiac. My dad bought Pontiacs until the late '60s.


And would my sister have been Nash Jr?