"Van" Name

Regarding how to use the name “Van” if the child should be a female, have folks forgotten a famous fusbudget, Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts?

It’s a little Victorian, but Evangeline is a lovely name…

Evan is a good name - though my boyfriend wants the middle name after that to be “Halen” :slight_smile:


I went to high school with a girl named Avan (rhymes with savin’), and it flowed beautifully with her last name. Avan Davis. She was the only Avan I ever met. I love her name.

Evangelia, Vangelis

Vanessa is nice for a girl. But my immediate thought was Devan (rhymes with Evan.) It sounds nice and oddly enough is at once more subtle and more direct!

In “Peanuts”, Lucy’s family last name is “Van Pelt”; Lucy’s brother is Linus Van Pelt. (That said, I see you’re thinking of that SNL sketch with Brendan Fraser as Charlie Brown; I approve.)

My suggestion: “van” is short for “caravan”, and “Cara” is a perfectly fine girl’s name.

How about Vincent Van Gogh??

How about “Trip” for a boy?

I actually know a guy with the name “Trip”… a great boys name…

Boy: Vance, or Evan, also Van + anything would work, although a tad obvious.

Girl: Evangeline is beautiful, and I think popular now. Think Evangeline Lilly from LOST.

How about something different like Vanada, which is a combination of van and Canada?

My grades 1 and 2 teacher’s name was Van Pelt. I did not enjoy those grades, so I’m somewhat prejudiced here.

With regards, you’re going about it backwards. Name the child whatever name you like, and then name the VAN that name. It requires you to keep the van about, but I think that would be the least traumatic option for all.

Spelt ‘Devon,’ it’s a reasonably traditional Irish man’s name.

A good name would be Hertz Van Rental!

Here are some suggestions: Vance, Ivan, Valen, Vanessa, Vania, Vanya.
Example: Elizabeth Vanessa, Gregory Vanya.
Good luck.

Picking a baby’s name can be difficult. Donovan is probably not a family name of either of you but it hides the van by placing it at the end of the name and might be a good choice if it’s
a boy.

I’m a little at a loss for a girl name.

Going with the Westfalia theme:
For a girl: Falia or Lia
For a boy: Wesley