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Tara, Curtis, and baby Van?

On this week's show, we checked in with our pal Tara, and her van-dwelling boyfriend, Curtis. (You can hear the call, right here.)

Tara and Curtis began their relationship in his van, moved across the country in the van, and possibly conceived their upcoming child in the van. Now he wants to give the kid a "Van" name. She doesn't. Should they? Take our poll and let us know what you think.

And if you think they should -- well, what suggestions do you have for the kid's name? Share them right here.

And, on behalf of Curtis, Tara, and the van-kid to be, thanks.

Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

How about Van-Go. The kid may become an artist - ya never know!

Okay, if it’s a girl, how about Vani or Vanessa. Yes, Vani has been used before, I actually know a Vani. For a boy, I like Evan. Congratulations on starting a family and good luck!

Vandalia for a girl, and you can call her Dalia for short.

Vandalia is (1) a former name of Andalucia region of Spain when it was conquered by the Vandals; (2) the name of a music festival in West Virginia; and (3) the name of a proposed British colony on the Ohio river.

I can think of nothing more fitting than naming your child for the van that has played such a central role in your life!

My brother’s name is Vann Dale. My career Navy aunt begged my parents not to give him those initials, but they did anyway. It really wasn’t an issue until he grew up and joined the Navy himself and they stenciled his initials on everything he owned!

Vancouver (since it was a canadian trip), Van Gogh, Vance, Vanna, Vancey, Vandetta, Stevan.

I think you guys should decide together whether you really want a “Van” name. That said, if it’s a pretty cool name, I can see using it regardless, maybe as a middle name. These may not be cool, but here are some ideas:

Boys: Vanaker, and of course Evan, Ivan; Vincent (okay, that’s a stretch)
Girls: Evania, and of course Vanessa, Ivania, Ivanka, Ivana

Do not name a baby: Vancouver, VanDyke

Best of luck!

I like the idea of Raven which also combines Ray and the sound of Van for a girl.

After a quick trip to one of the synonyms for Van is Truck. The good news for that is Truck spelled backwards is Kcurt so you can call a boy junior or Roinuj.

Hi, GMC vans we use have a great name, “Savana” what do think ???

In my humble opinion, Van is an awesome name! in Chris Van Allsburg, (author of The Polar Express); Van Halen; Van Morrison; Van’s Skate Park, etc…

Also, I looked it up and here is the meaning (this is what you can tell anyone who doesn’t “need” to know the whole story about the Van :slight_smile:

"The boy’s name Van, also used as girl’s name, is of Danish origin, and its meaning is “of”. Equivalent of “de” in French names. Also a nickname for Evan. Van was sometimes converted from a surname prefix to a given name by early immigrants to America. The name became familiar in the 1950s due to actors Van Johnson and Van Heflin. Pianist Van Cliburn; actor Van Johnson.

Van has 3 variant forms: Vann, Von and Vonn.

Baby names that sound like Van are Vane and Vin.

Van is a very common first name for men (#484 out of 1220) and also a very common last name for both men and women (#4187 out of 88799). (1990 U.S. Census)"

I have also heard that Van or Von denotes royalty according to those on my kids’ dad’s side of the family-they have this prefix in some of their Dutch last names…

Best of Luck to you and Baby,

Debby McGann (High School Art Teacher)

They could use Savannah if it’s a girl… ^^

The word “van” could be part of a lot of names, with slight spelling changes, like “Stevan” or “Marvan” or “Devan”; or “Ivana” or “Vanessa” or “Lavanna”.

My choice for the baby’s name is “Westerly”. This being a derivative from Westfalia the model of the van. Hence “Westerly” being the latest prototype conceived from this van. It also describes the destination of their trip. Not that any “trip” has ever been taken in a “VW” van.

It could be used for male or female. With a nickname of Wes for the boy.

Well, OK. Normally I would have to totally disagree with naming kids after “special events”. However, I do believe that the story featured on the show is truly unique and (might) deserve reference…
But hey, it’s private and potentially embarrassing, so maybe the parents want to resolve to a “play on words” kind of naming convention: If I understood correctly, the trip took place in a VW Westfalia. No offense, but that is no “van” - it is a “Bus”. No, seriously: the type of vehicle under consideration is generally known as a “VW Bus” in German(y).

So to cut the long story short: IF it will be a boy, name him “Buzz” for his middle name. For the general public, he then could always get away with a reference to Buzz Aldrin, but he could tell a little tale to his friends when he grows older…

PS: I do realize that the “s” in “VW Bus” is unvoiced and the “zz” in “Buzz Aldrin” is voiced, but hey, I ain’t perfect and think it’s close enough :wink:

After I fianlly stopped laughing, I thought, for a girl’s name: Ivana! Of course, she might be thought related to the Trump family of Joizey, and you wouldn’t want her school mates thinking poorly of her…

For a boy, how about Van Canadian?

Good Luck

If you do decide to give the kid such a name, put it as the middle name. We named our son Tycho, and called him that when he was small. But since it was his middle name, when he began school, he switched to his (common) first name. This eliminated the annoying questions from strangers, “What an interesting name. How did you come to have it?”

Chivan, if a boy, which means “life”, which seems appropriate for memory of a lively trip. It is also said to be a Kmer name, although I am not sure what that has to do with it. Nobody said the obvious, which is Evan, meaning God’s Grace or born of the Yew, or varients Lefan or Luan. Other varients: Euan, Euen, Evann, Evans, Ev, Eva, Even, Evin, Evo, Evon, Evyn, Ewan, Ewen, Ewy, Owen and Van. Evan is Hebrew for Rock. For a girl could be Evangela, which is Greek for “Good News” or boy’s name Evangelos, both of which are related to the former. And related is the Russian or Slavic Ivan “John” and its varients Ifan, Ivanhoe, Ivano and Iwan. Related is Vanya. Seems like the possibilities are endless.

The name Van is of Dutch origin and means dyke. For example famous names are the painter Van Dyke, the comedian Dick Van Dyke and as a first name Van Johnson (movie star).There are many names suggested that include Van but Van has been used as a first name and is lited on the website

For a girl–What about Vanna as in …White? Or, and this may be sufficiently subtle for Tara to stomach, Cara …, just Cara-- the ‘van’ is implied and therefore probably won’t pop any flags with anybody (except maybe Duke Ellington/Juan Tizol fans).

For a boy–Sullivan is making a comeback. Halen, like Cara, implies rather than expresses the reference.

Best wishes and good luck to you both (and baby makes three),
Steve Krawitz

The most perfect name for Tara and Curtis baby is "Vango"
Think about it, the baby was made on the go in a van.
With Love,
Elli from Austin, Texas