If you speak Norwegian

… then you can verify the validity of the translation that was provided for this road sign.
Is that really the meaning?

I Found this…

Some other fine examples of the language below:

Speeding Ticket: Fartsbot

An Other Word For Speed Bumps: Fartsdumper

Radar Speed Trap: Fartskontroll

Speeding Camera: Fartskamera

Full Speed: Full Fart

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I don’t, but I can find someone that does.

In 9th grade German class, we all used to sweat to see who would be the one selected to conjugate Fahren (to drive). You know Ich fahra, du blank. And the whole class would bust out laughing. We were kids.

It appears “fart” In Norwegian means “speed”. I spent some time there on business some years ago, figuring out the wording on the signs was frustrating b/c it often resembled English, but not quite. If I had time to think about it I could usually determine the sign’s meaning, but as you are walking through the airport or driving a car can’t stop and think for 5 minutes every time you see a sign … lol …

Some of the words are similar to German suck as day, year, bread etc, actually I think Italian is easiest to decipher based on Latin. Circus for circle, etc.

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One must be quick to adapt to the environment. A speed bump in Mexico is known as a “topes”, no one traveling would want to be known as a slow learner.