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Follow me!



“But I was just following my GPS!!” :rofl::rofl::rofl:


OOPS, never mind.

NOT ten character minimum.

Check the lift gate. It appears the Taco may have had a little help into the river.

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I seem to have a significant cooling system leak.

Never ending water supply now, no problem :wink:

@jtsanders, You might want to explain what you mean by Taco to those who haven’t worked in aviation or at an airport. Someone might get offended.

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I thought it was a “cute” nickname for a Toyota Tacoma. 30 years in aviation and the follow me vehicle was always called the follow me vehicle. The fuel truck was called the fuel truck but of course the re-fueling personnel were called gas passers.

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Taco = Tacoma

A common nickname. I never worked in aviation or at an airport and have no idea what you are talking about.

Thank You.

Now if someone mentioned lutefisk I would have been offended. (Funny that lutefisk isn’t in the spell check vocabulary-now I’m really offended.)

Lutefisk! It’s one of two Scandinavian dishes that appear in a Garrison Keillor joke. Maybe you know the name of the other dish. He described it as moldy potatoes.

Don’t know the moldy potatoes, luckily my tolerance has been built up, sometimes Limburger cheese smells better than the leftovers I get for dinner. :wink: Though I heard that was a great car prank to stick Limburger cheese in a cabin air intake

If your talking about the fish in fish gelatin I’m sorry. That stuff could gag a maggot!

Raw shrimp shells are also quite effective.

I had it several times during a business visit to Oslo. For some reason breakfast is commonly served as in smorgasbord fashion, and lutefisk was one of the items. Doesn’t look overly appetizing, but it’s quite flavorful. They told me that the type of fish it is made from makes a lot of difference in how appealing it is to eat. Cod I think they said is not a good choice.

The funny story from that trip is one dinner I asked for some oil and vinegar salad dressing. This request the hotel restaurant staff found very confusing. Eventually one of the staff came to the table & asked me if I really wanted to put motor oil on my salad … lol … apparently there’s a different Norwegian word for the edible version of oil.

I think you are talking lefse. That stuff is great. Everyone has their own technique but the best is some ladies out of North Dakota that make it and ship it still warm the same day. Butter, cinnamon and sugar and roll it up and eat it. Great stuff. I don’t like lutefisk though.

The church ladies here have a sale around Christmas and its about $5 for a little package. Good but expensive.

OK you brought it up. My Grandmother lived with us and she used to make blud crub. Blood something or other-I wouldn’t eat it (blood sausage I think its called in English). She made it in a tub in the back porch and her arms would be covered in blood while she was mixing it up. She says anyway that someone came to the back door while she was making it and they saw her bloody arms and screamed and ran away. That’s what she said anyway. The police never came though but no one messed with her.


Great story @bing Course I was a chef and people wanted drawn butter to dip their deep fried shrimp into, now how to bring it back to cars,… sorry dog got skunked tonight, did not know it until the critter rubbed it’s stinky face everywhere wifey hysterical, had some skunk out for the dog, 2 baths and still fragrent, I made the mistake of saying oh I thought you were doing pasta carbonera with extra garlic, ooh ooh car related, I think I am going to use the reclining seats and sleep in my car tonight!

I heard tomato juice neutralizes the stink but my dog is out under the evergreens so I don’t have to worry about it.