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New street signs from 'F Minus' (a cartoon)

I find speed limit signs very interesting.

There are some drivers who pay no attention at all to them and drive the speed they feel comfortable with. Usually that is faster than what is posted. Those don’t change speed when the sign says to.

But the ones that get me are those that slow down when the road narrows. Sometimes even going from open fields to a heavily wooded area will cause abrupt changes in speed.

There’s a highway near me, 2 lanes each direction, that goes downhill to a bridge over a reservoir and then climbs the hill on the other side. The road doesn’t narrow approaching the bridge, and there is a shoulder on the bridge, too. Yet, people slow down approaching the bridge. I can’t imagine what they are afraid of.

Recommended “safe speed” signs already exist. They are yellow in color.

Watch out the radar will grab your car and make it go 35

I lived in the Seattle area for over 25 years, those signs on the freeways weren’t speed limits they were goals, never to be achieved!

Now I live in a small town in Oregon, and believe it or not traffic is just as bad here!

Actually I have no trouble believing that. I now live in a town of 30000 and it was easier driving in the city of 400000 .

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