Identifying snowflake dash light on 2008 Jaguar S-Type

A code on the dash looks like a snow flake with H in the middle are a car symbol cant tell…but it looks like a virse cell
what dose it mean…

If you have the owners manual you can look it up yourself. And I don’t know what a ( virse cell is ).

The snowflake light means the car has detected ice on the pavement and it’s warning you to drive carefully. I can see where it might look like a virus cell. Here’s a guide to the various indicators.

I think it actually comes on when the ambient temperature approaches freezing, not based on any type of system that scans the road (I think my parents old X70 had something similar too…), but otherwise I agree with you :slight_smile:

The outside temperature has gotten down to somewhere around 35 to 37 so to warn you that bridges and over passes might freeze . The car does not know if there is ice on the road.


You are correct @pyrolord314. That lamp illuminates at an ambient temperature below 40 degrees F.

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